Giovanni Keppelen

IT Proffessional for more than 12 years, i'm a co-author of Coletânea Front-end Uma antologia da comunidade front-end brasileira, co-author of, Brazil.js, creator Front In BH and Tecnology Manager at Plurall with focus on multidisciplinary time management, product development with agile culture. simplifying and improving process to generate value for business and users. Leadership oriented to engagement, good climate and team building.

In past, founder and CTO at and Senior Front-end Engineer at Descomplica. After doing a spetecular achievement in Peixe Urbano, by raising the monthly sales profit to 1MM, I realized that I was able to do amazing things to companies. One year after I created Planedia with 2 former directors of Peixe Urbano and Groupalia. you can find me in Linkedin, Twitter or Github

Twitter @keppelen - GitHub @keppelen - Instagram @keppelen

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